2016 Election — Trump Won

The Worst Candidates

The 2016 presidential election was a giant shit sandwich, and all of America had to take a great big bite.
Follow the links for more details about the most notable flavors that were on the menu:

  • Donald J. Trump was the Republican Party candidate and is now President Elect. He is an extremely wealthy business man, and often an erratic buffoon with a long history of tawdry incidents. Unless reading from a teleprompter, he babbles incoherently using a collection of stock phrases, tending toward the rude and crude. His speech has only the mildest association with the truth, though he seems unaware of truth and fiction being different.
    Vice President Elect is Mike Pence, the current governor of Indiana and a former U.S. Congressman, who is a well spoken traditional conservative Republican. Unlike Trump, his demeanor is Presidential.
    Trump was on the ballot in all 50 states.
    According to polls, he had at most a tiny chance of winning the election, despite being awful and non-presidential, because the more skilled Hillary Clinton is so vile and dishonest. However, he has won the election soundly with 290 votes in the Electoral College as of November 15, with only Michigan not yet called officially. All the vote count uncertainty in Michigan is smaller than Trump’s lead over Clinton.
    He will achieve 306 Electoral College votes.


  • Hillary Clinton was the Democratic Party candidate and former Secretary of State. She was a former First Lady and a Senator of NY. Everything she touches is filled with scandal and corruption. She lies incessantly about everything. She was running for Barack Obama’s (or Saul Alinsky’s) third term.
    Her running mate was Tim Kaine, a U.S. Senator and former Virginia governor. He is somewhat centrist and strongly anti-Second Amendment. Otherwise, he comes off as nondescript.
    Clinton was on the ballot in all 50 states.
    She had what the polls had predicted as a nearly unbeatable chance of winning the election, which would have concentrated corruption and evil more thoroughly as national policy than they are now under Obama, or ever were. Fortunately she was defeated in the Electoral College, although she won the popular vote by raw vote count.
    Appointment of a special Prosecutor may pave the way for putting her in prison where she belongs for her crimes.

We interrupt here to repeat a quote that appears on the Hillary Clinton page.

An important principle:
 “Spouting a half-truth as a truth to misrepresent a reality is at least as bad as a bald-faced lie.”
   Gautier Van Cleave    2016 November 1

Apologists for Hillary Clinton are proclaiming loudly that she won the popular vote, giving the impression that she had some special mandate that trivializes Trump’s huge Electoral College victory.
Whether or not that is so, the Constitution was set up specifically to prevent large-population cities and groups from overpowering smaller populations and groups.
Meanwhile, we must recall that some fraction of the votes may have been fraudulent for various voter ineligibility reasons: being dead, being a non-citizen, being a convicted felon, casting votes multiple times, and so on. Questions (including pre-election questions) regarding potential voter fraud were raised by Republican Party voices and decried as imaginary by Democratic Party voices, suggesting that any actual voter fraud committed would have been in favor of Democratic candidates. For further discussion about voter fraud, see Voting Rights and Wrongs elsewhere on this site.

  • Gary Johnson was the Libertarian Party candidate and was a two-term governor of New Mexico as a Republican. His governorship was successful in terms of keeping taxes low and employment high.
    Her running mate was Bill Weld, a former two-term governor of Massachusetts as a Republican.
    Johnson was on the ballot in all 50 states.
    He had no realistic chance of winning the election, and just before Election Day, Bill Weld suggested voting for Hillary as an option. That was a sellout against the Libertarian Party and an endorsement of the worst candidate by far among the four discussed on this site. The team took 3.3% of the popular vote and no electoral votes.
  • Dr. Jill Stein was the Green Party environmentalist candidate who would ascribe more importance to plants, animals, and inanimate objects than to people. She is anti-business and a pro-big-government leftist. Her running mate was Ajamu Baraka, a leftist with a disdain for whites or civilized governments.
    Stein was not on the ballot in all 50 states.
    She had no chance whatsoever of winning the election. The team took 0.64% of the popular vote.
  • None of these candidates” was on the ballot in only 1 state, the State of Nevada and received 2.6% of Nevada’s popular vote.

Follow this link to review other characters and organizations directly or peripherally involved.

“My God! Honestly, it’s like we went to an asylum, and we opened four cells and just took the four people who walked out and said one of these people will be president.”
    Ben Shapiro, The Daily Wire

One commentator has described the two main candidates as “The Lizard Vote”. Unfortunately, some (okay many) voters voted with no more knowledge or consideration than befits a lizard. Why would any responsible person encourage voting for any candidates by the ignorant and thoughtless?!
Get out the vote?! Please, we’d rather you didn’t.

Voting is a choice, not a duty. It is entirely valid to withdraw approval for any evil.  You may acknowledge the inevitable carnage that would occur later, either way, but at least you can say with moral clarity, “I did not vote for evil.” This is a principled choice we understand.
Instead, you might argue that voting for the lesser of two evils is a moral obligation, endorsing a lesser evil as a substitute for an absent good. This, too, is a principled choice we understand.

As bad as Trump has been, a Clinton presidency would have been an unmitigated disaster that would have gravely injured our government, its citizenry, and the world at large.
Fortunately, Trump took the presidency away from Clinton, and Republicans kept their majorities in the House and Senate against the Democratic Party.