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National Policy in Post-Constitutional America

This site started as a discussion of the so-called Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, popularly called Obamacare by most Americans, including imminently former US President Obama. Obama and many of his fellow Demoncrats [sic] (also sometimes known as Demorats), who originally eschewed the popularized name, also refer to this destructive law instead as the misnamed and misbegotten Affordable Care Act.

In deference to Obama’s Socialist world view of minimal freedom, government control of everything, secretiveness, demagoguery, suppression of dissent, political patronage, and enslavement of producers by a non-producing proletariat, this website engages a portmanteau with the name of his sociopolitical antecedent, Joseph Stalin, to accurately describe the nature of the aforementioned act.

Gautier Van Cleave [pseudonymous] coined the term StalinCare to describe the decline of medical science and healthcare under an authoritarian bureaucracy, akin to Stalin’s megadeath regime, which was steeped in Lysenkoist quackery, among its other myriad horrors.

This site will be updated shortly after President Trump is sworn in at Noon, January 20.

Special focus on the American presidential election of 2016.
Pre-election is now post election.

This link provides a quick summary of the four main candidates.

We’re going to Make America Great again! Believe me. Believe me!


He won, so we’ll hope he does make America great again.

Donald Trump won the election because of Russian interference. Specifically, Vlad Putin individually climbed up the leg of 62,979,636 American voters just as each was voting, grabbed their arms, and forced them to select Trump instead of other less desirable candidates. Thus Trump/Putin defeated evil Crooked Hillary (Lock Her Up!), the nice but befuddled Gary Johnson (who didn’t really have a chance), or demented tree-dweller Jill Stein (who never had the slightest chance—fine for just about anyone who likes their rights, fuel, or Capitalism.)

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“I have a vagina, so you were supposed to vote for me.”

We were supposed to ignore that she falls down for no good reason, has weird head bobbles, can’t recall anything she did that the FBI asked her about, or should go to prison for her national security felonies among many others.

Read more about Hillary Clinton on the Hillary Clinton page. Fortunately, she lost the election.