Obamacare = PP&ACA

Associating Obamacare with Communist Iconography

Proponents of The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act intended from the start to create a Socialist healthcare monopoly that would remove all choice of doctors, treatments, cost decisions, medical insurance, and medical research from the American marketplace.

Regardless of any claimed benefits about protecting patient medical records, cost savings, the poor,
pre-existing conditions, 26-year-old children, uninsured persons, cost savings, and so on, the loss of freedom makes the above and any other real or specious benefit worse than a mere illusion. It is an affront to the liberty or every individual American. When you are forbidden from managing your own healthcare choices, you do not own your life. Your liberty is gone, and you are a slave to Massa Obama, permanently bound to the Amerika Plantation.


Freedom is the most important (really, the only) purpose of the American government. Keeping us free overrides safety, wealth, comfort, or any other concern. We must do all we can to repeal any law that erodes freedom, and vote away any leaders who seek to enslave us.

We explicitly associate the most recognizable symbols of dehumanizing government with leaders and policies that are anathema to freedom. Alternatively, as with this paragraph, we show symbols of our own strength as encouragement to other Americans who seek freedom from their oppression, especially from our American government.
Here in Post-Constitutional America, as our rights are abrogated more each passing day, we stand up to regain control of our lives from the ministrations of evil leaders: liars, criminals, frauds, Socialists, Communists, Fascists, religious maniacs, and just plain incompetents.

What’s Its Name? Obamacare = StalinCare

What the Democratic majority House of Representatives conceived as the Affordable Health Care for America Act could not have been passed against a Senate filibuster. Because of the convoluted scheme of its creation, the House bill used as its source was H.R. 3590, entitled on its second page:
“An Act to amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to modify the first-time homebuyers credit in the case of members of the Armed Forces and certain other Federal employees, and for other purposes.”

On page 2047, the bill amended the title to:
“The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act” hereafter abbreviated as PP&ACA.

Lazy persons and those who want to disguise its blatant security flaws often refer to the PP&ACA as “ACA”, ignoring patient protection to stress affordable. This is especially ironic because for most Americans, the PP&ACA makes healthcare far more expensive than before the law was passed, and unbelievably expensive compared to the alleged cost savings about which its proponents lied.

Originally used as a pejorative, advocates, victims, and President Obama generally refer to the PP&ACA as “Obamacare” or its case variant “ObamaCare”. Except in quotation, here we use the earlier (lowercase) variant, emphasizing Obama’s politics and his detriment to care that the average American experiences as a result of Obamacare. Its utter fad would embarrass a person of moral integrity or affinity for America. But Obama is unperturbed because:

  • Obama was lying his ass off in all his original advocacy of it, and he knew he was lying.
  • Obama hates the freedoms of the America over which he came to preside.
  • He hopes by the lying subterfuge to effect a completely socialist stranglehold over American healthcare through what is deceptively called the public option. This would drive out any hint of Capitalism from healthcare, leaving only StalinCare as a non-viable approach to medical treatment within the country.

In light of the Supreme Court’s illogical decision (with Roberts writing the majority opinion) to declare Obamacare constitutional, the late Justice Antonin Scalia suggested as ridicule the alternative name, SCOTUScare, and  others have suggested RobertsCare.

Some History

September 17, 2009: The House of Representatives introduced the PP&ACA as H.R. 3590, which had nothing to do with healthcare.

Scheming pond-scum disguised as Democrats did not have enough votes to pass their PP&ACA bill against a Senate filibuster. Because revenue related bills, which are not subject to a filibuster, must originate in the House, they reinvented H.R. 3950 and called it a budget reconciliation. As a budget reconciliation, it only required 51 Senators in favor of the bill to send it to the president for signature.

bat-shit-pelosiRemember the advice of Former Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, who long ago should have been placed in an institution for the mentally defective. “But we have to pass the bill so that you can uh, find out what is in it, away from the fog of the controversies.” Would you pass a law whose contents you don’t know or understand?
You might if you were howling bat-shit crazy, or had what some call Pelosi Disease.

March 11, 2010: Under Harry Reid (combination Senate Majority Leader and stool sample) the Senate voted for their “budget reconciliation”.

March 21, 2010: The House of Representatives approved the Senate’s version of H.R. 3950 by a 7-vote majority,  219 to 212. All Republicans and 34 Democrats voted against the plan.

March 23, 2010: Democratic President Obama signed the PP&ACA into law.


June 28, 2012: The Supreme Court ruled on National Federation of Independent Business v. Sebelius, by 5–4 upholding the PP&ACA, somehow redefining a fine as a tax, and establishing an extremely dangerous precedent claiming that the Commerce Clause of the Constitution could require persons to engage in commerce, regardless of the fact that they were not engaged in commerce and were unwilling to do so.

They assert that engaging in commerce and not engaging in commerce are identical under the law. Beyond being an affront to freedom, it defies the most fundamental Aristotelian logic of identity and reflexivity; that is, that something is what it is and not what it isn’t. Modern symbology (rather than ancient Greek) expresses this as:
A equals A, or A=A.
The court has declared as its fundamental logic, variously that:
A equals NOT A, A=¬A, A≠A, or the mathematically absurd 1=0.
Colloquially, they have declared that anything is nothing and nothing is anything. Beyond being the antecedent of lawlessness, this is downright insanity.

Let’s make this abundantly clear, the following five (5) Supreme Court justices suffer from Pelosi Disease, they are bat-shit crazy, and have made decisions to punish you if you don’t want to buy insurance that you can’t afford and that provides nothing of benefit to you.
They are the Chief Justice and the Leftist Voting Bloc:

  • John Roberts
  • Ruth Bader Ginsburg
  • Stephen Breyer
  • Elena Kagan
  • Sonia Sotomayor

This link opens the Majority Opinion by Chief Justice Roberts. The Supreme Court sold us out.

This link opens Obamacare: Chief Justice Roberts’s Political Dodge, an analysis by John S. Hoff, a healthcare lawyer and former official at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.
It reveals tortured illogic of the Majority Opinion that has enabled Obamacare.

How can a law that fines someone for not buying a product or service be constitutional? It isn’t. But if everyone lies (and that every-liar group includes the authors and advocates of Obamacare, the Democratic Legislators who passed it, and the Supreme Court) and calls a “fine” a “tax”, it might have enough judicial standing for review, but it is entirely counter to the concept of Liberty. You cannot add a special tax against a person who does nothing. It isn’t right. 

What is the Obamacare plan?

As simple as can be! You can download a high-resolution PDF:



Official Turd of the Democratic Party

The PP&ACA is entirely the scheme of Democrats. Not a single Republican voted for it.
All blame for anything that has gone wrong with it belongs to Democrats no matter how much they try to blame Republicans for its compositional failures, out-of-control costs, website inoperability, security lapses, unpopularity, failed state exchanges, departing insurers, death spirals, ad nauseam.

Repeal and Replace

The PP&ACA is a mess that keeps getting messier. John R. Graham writes insightfully about healthcare at the state, federal, and international level respectively with the following articles: The Fantasy of Single-Payer Healthcare in the StatesObamacare Will Set Back Real Health Reform for Years, and The United Nations Report on Access to Medicines is a Public Health Hazard.

The PP&ACA should be repealed and replaced. Replaced with what? Read The Sessions-Cassidy Health Plan  and/or just about anything written by John C. Goodman, such as his books: A Better Choice: Healthcare Solutions for America, or Priceless: Curing the Healthcare Crisis.