Barack Obama — Manchurian President

If you like your lying President you get to keep your lying President.
If you don’t like your lying President you get to keep your lying President.

The Manchurian Candidate who Became President

In 1962 John Frankenheimer directed his classic movie thriller, The Manchurian Candidate, based on a novel by Richard Condon. In a memorable scene, Mrs. Iselin (played by Angela Lansbury) intends to have her husband, Senator John Iselin (played by James Gregory), nominated as a vice presidential candidate. She asks Senator Thomas Jordan (played by John McGiver) if he will block the nomination.

Many who have seen this movie see a terrifying parallel between the fictional character of Senator Iselin and the real-life President Obama. Replacing Iselin’s name correspondingly with Obama’s in Senator Jordan’s answer expresses our strong conviction:

Would I block you? I would spend every cent I own, and all I could borrow, to block you. There are people who think of Johnny [Barack] as a clown and a buffoon, but I do not. I despise John Iselin [Barack Obama] and everything that Iselinism [Obamunism] has come to stand for. I think, if John Iselin [Barack Obama] were a paid Soviet agent, he could not do more to harm this country than he’s doing now. You have asked me a question. Very well, I shall answer you. If you attempt a deal with the delegates, or cause Johnny’s [Barack’s] name to be brought forward on the ticket, or if, in my canvass of the delegates tomorrow morning, I find that you are so acting, I will bring impeachment proceedings against your husband on the floor of the United States Senate. And I will hit him, I promise you, with everything in my well-documented book.
   Senator Thomas Jordan

The biggest threat to our country is what Obama sees in a mirror.

President Obama has done more harm to this country than any paid Soviet agent ever could. He has done immense damage by aiding and abetting corruption throughout every level of his administration. He has weakened our military, packed the courts with leftist agitator judges, usurped legislative power in his appointment of unelected unaccountable bureaucrats, lied incessantly, replaced transparency with opacity, doubled the national debt, intensified racial divisiveness and disharmony, insulted our international friends, emboldened our international enemies, released captive terrorists, weakened the first and second amendments, made disastrous quasi-treaties, opened our borders to criminals and enemies, and encouraged lawlessness throughout our country.

The new ancient Chinese curse: “May you live under an Obama administration!”

President Obama suffers accelerated delusions after Trump election
“I am very proud of the fact that we will, knock on wood, leave this administration without significant scandal.”
   Barack Obama, 2016 November 14

Instead of publicly spouting delusions at press appearances, he should have himself locked inside a rubber room and his mouth taped shut with duct tape.

“Fast and Furious”, Benghazi, IRS targeting of his enemies, NASA’s primary mission changed to Muslim outreach, classified email security breaches, the Iranian phony deal that lifted embargoes, NSA spying against Americans, ransom payments to Iran, the Bowe Berghdahl trade, corrupt Shyster General Lynch holding a secret airplane meeting with Bill “Horndog” Clinton, licking Castro’s ass in exchange for nothing but continued Cuban oppression, nationalizing state lands as monuments so as to interfere with local land-use negotiations, crippling fuel exploration, shitting on Israel, releasing Muslim terrorists, pardoning traitorous and murderous criminals, …

Another listing appears in The Daily Wire article: Obama Says He’s Had A Scandal-Free Administration. Here Are 11 of His Scandals.

“He’s so full of shit his eyes are brown!”
   Gautier Van Cleave

You don’t have to be born in Kenya to be a Kenyan America-hating Communist.

Obama spent money like a drunken Bush.

Anything bad Bush did, Obama did worse.

Obamacare: One size fits nobody.

“Saving you $2,500 per year.”

Don’t flush Obama’s promises down the toilet.
You’ll get the sewage dirty!obama_pissesonusa




Don’t believe a ketchup myth. He never implied 57 states.
It was 60 states!

“I’ve now been in fifty-seven states, I think one left to go—one left to go, Alaska and Hawaii I was not allowed to go to even though I really wanted to visit, but my staff would not justify it.”
   Barack Obama

my-work-is-doneI smoothed the transition for President Trump.