Harsh Language


“The function of a civil resistance is to provoke response and we will continue to provoke until they respond or change the law. They are not in control; we are. That is the strength of civil resistance.”
    Mohandas Gandhi

Why call each of the ex-President of the United States, a half-black/half-white man, and Hillary Clinton, a white woman, a “lying nigger”? The lying part is trivially obvious. Both politicians have a long history of lying about crucial issues—not just making errors about facts, but very consciously attempting to deceive the American public. So we can ignore that.

Why use the vile racial epithet “nigger”?

  • It is provocative with a political charge that upsets people and gets them talking and questioning.
    (However, its use by black performers to describe other blacks is often culturally acceptable.)
  • From its Latinate linguistic origins, the word simply means black, implying a black person.
    Applied to whites, it adds an element of irony. In the movie Pulp Fiction, Jules Winnfield (played by Samuel L. Jackson) addresses as “nigger” his co-assassin Vincent Vega (played by John Travolta).
  • It connotes that the person has some defect, particularly an innate moral depravity because of that person’s race.
    • We subscribe to the first part—moral depravity.
    • We utterly reject the racist element—that immorality is somehow related to a person’s race.

Is the ex-president black? Genetically, half. That’s irrelevant other than for verbal provocation.
Is he an unrepentant liar who used his high position to force his will on helpless citizenry? Yes.

While we’re at it, are there any others we’ll call niggers in order to provocatively point to their combination of corruption and their positions of forceful aggression against the helpless? Yes. These no-good lying niggers below represent the worst that one might associate with a hateful stereotype.

  • Our previous Attorneys Shysters General, Holder and Lynch for their evils detailed elsewhere within this website.
  • Donna Brazile, a disgraced, corrupt, fired CNN newscaster who violated trust in order to reveal debate questions to Hillary Clinton and thus unethically influence the election.
  • Corrupt congressman Charlie Rangel, who was found guilty on 11 of 13 ethics violations.
  • Race baiter Al Sharpton, who continuously sows racial discord.
  • Representative Elijah Cummins (Maryland), who has taken every possible action to dismiss or drown out any criticism of the Obama Administration or Democratic candidates. He has personally started a weaponized attack against a private U.S. citizen, Catherine Engelbrecht, and the group that she founded, True the Vote, of whom he made charges of racism.
  • IRS Commissioners Lois Lerner (resigned pleading the 5th) and John Koskinen, who lied to Congress about illegally targeting special interest groups for their political ideology. Like the irony of Hillary Clinton, being white doesn’t prevent them from being corrupt lying niggers on this website. We don’t discriminate by race one way or the other here.

We do not ever use racial epithets against ethical black persons, such as: Dr. Ben Carson, philosopher/ author/thinker Thomas Sowell, former Congressman Col. Allen West, media anchors Harris Faulkner and Charles Payne, Sheriff David Clarke, linguist John McWhorter, actors Stacey Dash and Denzel Washington, California Libertarian Gubernatorial candidate Nickolas Wildstar, Gautier Van Cleave’s next-door neighbors, and millions of other decent and honorable blacks. Nor do we use epithets against Asians (of their many ethnicities), mixed race persons, Jews, Catholics, and so on. That would be an infamnia (popular culture misspelling of the Roman infamia.)

And we sincerely apologize to the great many decent and honorable blacks (99+% who are fine people and deserve the best in life) for becoming angered, beyond to elicit concern for the most strident and divisive of our corrupt leaders.